1. Glass House

From the recording Glass House


Lying on the living room floor
The dogs are watching football
The chickens are cooked

I'm smelling all the music and the
Quarterback comes forward, says "look"
My vision goes in and out and in and out
Now I'm spinning again though I told myself I wouldn't do it
I can never explain what goes on in my head
I'm just a scared little girl
And there's nowhere to hide
And then I suddenly know
I'm just along for the ride

Welcome to the glass house
It's the place where all the lovers sit and wait for all the years to pass them by
Welcome to the place where all the children sit and wait
Pour them a glass they didn't ask you to be born

And won't you sing them songs about magic
Over and over and over and over again

I walk through the garden asleep
Your voice in the dark calls to me
If you are in tears call to me
But I cannot wake
Who is to blame

Here we go little lady love you
Like a little laughing lemon tree
As it is many men may mock you Mary
Happy may you always be
Cause I have seen you at your worst
But I still love for what it's worth

You're like the rain on the sunniest of days
I'll be the fields that you cover and you spray

If you played my song I'd fall
Every season
It's snowing outside the window
Take me somewhere to sleep

I'd like to get off please