ROSA TU'S album "Drink All The Wine" is - if this picture is allowed for once - comparable to the box of chocolates of a master confectioner: Its content needs to be enjoyed bit by bit; one or two of the delicacies at once make you feel happy.” - Dieter Sigrist

The artist sings with such warmth in her voice that it feels like a mother gently rocking her newborn to sleep. We feel comforted and cared for when listening to her ethereal voice. Wait, the Tonemamas are becoming…Tonedaughters? So Rosa Tu is like a Tonegranny rather than a Tonebaby?”


Do Not Go Gentle is of course based on Dylan Thomas' 1946 poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night". But Tu added words and music to images of an anti-racism demonstration and police brutality in New York, making the song the sweetest protest song of all time.” - Marc Alenus