It is a great bonus, the greatest bonus, when the song helps someone open up a space for reflection in themself, gets them curious about exploring their own creative wellsprings. I'm noticing when you do stuff you love, sometimes you meet people who are like, "Hey! We're allowed to do that? I thought we were supposed to do stuff we hate and be mean about everything because we're not allowed to do stuff we love. So... maybe I'll just do the thing I want to do?" Yeah, do it. That seems better.


I'm now part of The Famous Gold Watch Records, a music collective based in a really beautiful set of studios in Berlin. I like it because I've always been turned off by the exclusive and entertain-y vibe of the music industry, but also want to collaborate more with other musicians and music people. This "label" is operating under an ethos that both accepts that there is an industry called "music" that has its own customs and systems and financial appetites, and is experimenting with other ways to work.


This is the most important thing: Music comes from everyone and belongs to everyone. Lullabies, work songs, wedding songs, funeral songs, love songs, ballads, songs of praise, songs of parting. All that is for everyone. If you've ever been afraid of singing or poking a piano or strumming a lute, but you wanted to? Do it. It's great, you won't regret it. You have just heard the most important thing. Thanks for listening.