From the recording Glass House


Hello, good morning love
sleep in, don't blink your eyes
There's breakfast on the table
for you when you rise

And you'll never know just how I feel
To leave you is very hard.

But I'll think of you
when I'm far away
If you don't mind
then I don't mind.

My heart has opened up
My love, you've made me kind.

You say the strangest things, your thoughts have filled my mind.
And the world is full of magazines that tell us how to love.
The ways to stare,
The clothes to wear.

But you don't care
And I don't care.

Will it ever (ever ever) love
ever be the right time?
Cause never (never never) love,
never's not the right time.
Never (never never) love,
never is a long time.
Never (never never) love,
never is such a long time.