1. Sea-green

From the recording Glass House


I had a place
to lay my head
I had a lover true
His eyes were sea-green
but I had to leave him
down in the valley so low

He never sang, but sailed so well
His soul was the Eastern sea
We slept on red leaves
And grew through the seasons
My quiet, sweet lover and me.

Then came the call
The ships would sail
Our men sent to lands unknown
He dressed up sharply
This love that had held me
And never returned to his home

I sailed the world to seek my name
While in my a child grew
Her eyes were sea-green
But I could not keep her
She's out in the ocean so blue

So gentle love
and lay me down
and tell me a story too
For I have sea-dreams
and wake in the morning
with no one to temper this gloom