1. Visitation

From the recording Glass House


You stumbled down the stone stairs.
I saw that you were wounded.
I reached for you.
There's never been another like you.

I laid you on my table,
I sewed a hundred sutres.
My hand slipped through.
There's never been another like-

You were in my dream, lying on the pyre,
playing with the nymphs, rolling in the fire.
With your eyes sewn closed
And your heart in pain
I enjoyed watching you burn.

Everything's breezy, warm and grey.
Every day.

But who are you to me?
I struggle to remember.
You're hiding all the ice
it's summer in December

And the water screamed
as it broke my fall,
I emerged, silently spinning.

Everything's breezy, warm and grey.
Every day.
Everything's easy.
And I do believe in loving your scars,
but you went too far.