From the recording Glass House


I know you aligned there in the golden afternoon.
The city was blacked out by the time that you got home

Singing "God Bless the Queen of Medicine, you're all I need. Hold me and heal my sickness. Babe, I do believe I love you"

I stood like a butcher with my hand upon your sleeve "Come let me look darling, you have pain I can relieve

Because I am the Queen of Medicine, I'm what you need. Come now and take your medicine--I hear a whisper of disease."

I gave you communion and you laid down at my feet
Convulsing in slow waves as your veins absorbed the heat

Sighing" God Bless the Queen of Medicine, bless you my sweet
God spared you every little sin you're perfect girl you are complete"

There were times before you followed me around just like a tired puppy begging for a treat
There were times when you would hold me in your arms and keep me warm instead of lying at my feet.

But in this temple we are frozen, child and deity, oh darling,
My eyes wax, my robe is golden, love and cherish me forever.