1. Anabelle

From the recording In Winter's Shade


I asked her the time she said too late, the suns already gone
The moon is around the bend my watch on someone else’s arm
She really loved me you could see it in her eyes

Anabelle, they found her in the river floating with the fallen stars
But I know she's living in the winter somewhere and she can’t be far
She's out there but no one will believe me, what they saw is all they know
So I sit and wait for her in all this snow.

She told me a story once that ends: the universe explodes!
A silvery chorus of thin threads that lie upon the road
I never knew if she could see it in my eyes


When they called me I was fine
When they hung up then I died
Again and again and again and again and again…

I asked her the time she said too late.