From the recording In Winter's Shade


Davy met me in the church the last time I was sent to praise the lord
And Hallelujah, she sat down right next to me so…
Baby said her prayers so softly I don’t think that even god could hear
What a pity, the girl was so pretty

And she started to talk to me asked me to tell her the truth
Help me out father I’ve sinned I don’t know what to do.
As we talked outside the sky turned blue. And I said

I’ll take you to the river girl and wash away the blood that you have shed
I will be your savior now and don’t you forget it
You’ll float above the oil stains and give yourself just like our dear lord did
Oh he was so…

All the water's black the sky is grey the ground is white and here she is
Mother Mary, that pink dress looks nice with your lips
Walk me to the edge don’t tremble now don’t be afraid the cold is nice
Hold my hand now, we’re almost inside

Won’t you take off my shoes I can’t walk on the water with them
She kneels down she’s weeping says thank you for being my friend
Every other person turned their head, but you said

I’ll take you to the river girl and wash away the pain your father left
Count on me when you are down I won’t ever leave you
Close your eyes and feel the water dripping down your skin to cleanse you
Oh you're so…

Don't blame me for your beauty.
Don't blame me Davy.